Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mission

Sex outside of marriage is an accepted reality in chuch and society. Civic engagement in pursuit of the common good-despite the notable surge surrounding the Obama campaign-appears shallow. Flagrant neglect of financial and natural resources characterizes institutions from the public sector to the private. Worse still, the prevailing notion of Christian discipleship encourages believers to decorate their interior lives while the world burns.

Our times call for a renewed dedication to spiritual disciplines with social consequences. Abstinence, I am arguing, can be that discipline. Abstinence is about a community of people saying no--and yes--to certain outcomes. Yes to marriage and committed love. Yes to a political economy animated by justice. Yes to the prudent usage of resources. Yes to education that calls forth God-given purpose and talents. In these areas--relationship, citizenship, stewardship, and discipleship--Foursquare seeks to encourage abstinence through the arts and advocacy.

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